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Iron Infusion

Why do I need iron infusion?

Iron infusion is required for patients with iron deficiency, who can't tolerate oral iron medications.

What is the procedure?

You will be booked with our Practice nurse and the GP. We will ask you few questions and check your suitability for Iron infusion. We will check your vital signs and determine the dose required for the iron infusion. The doctor will discuss with you the side effects and then insert a small cannula in one of veins. The infusion will be connected to the cannula and then the Nurse will start the drip.

You will be monitored during and for another half an hour after the infusion.

How long does it take?

The infusion itself takes 15-20 minutes but the whole procedure takes around 1 hour.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are not common but includes allergy, hypertension, infection, skin pigmentation at the site of injection.


How to book?

Call our reception and book for iron infusion. You may need two appointments at least 1 week apart.

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