What is Q fever?

Q fever is an infectious disease that is spread from animals to people by a bacteria called Coxiella burnetii. Cattle, sheep and goats are the most common source of human infection. Wild and domestic animals (cats and dogs) may also be infected. 

How can I get infected?

People become infected with Q fever by inhaling , ingesting or contacting contaminated material:

  • animals, animal products and waste (e.g. milk, wool, hides, fur, urine, faeces and birth products)

  • animal environments (e.g. soil, bedding, straw, hay and grass)

  • other contaminated items (e.g. machinery, equipment, vehicles and clothing).

Who is most at risk?

People who work with or transport animals, animal products & waste, machines and equipment. Visitors to animal-related industries are also at risk.

How to prevent getting infected?

Q Fever vaccination is the best way to prevent infection. Before you get vaccinated, you will have a skin test and blood test to check if you have been exposed to the bacteria. If the tests are negative you will be offered the Vaccination.

How to book ?

Call our reception and book for the Q fever vaccination. You will need two appointments 1 week apart.