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Q-Fever Vaccination

What is Q fever?

Q fever is an infectious disease that is spread from animals to people by a bacteria called Coxiella burnetii. Cattle, sheep and goats are the most common source of human infection. Wild and domestic animals (cats and dogs) may also be infected. 

How can I get infected?

People become infected with Q fever by inhaling, ingesting or contacting contaminated material:

  • animals, animal products and waste (e.g. milk, wool, hides, fur, urine, faeces and birth products)

  • animal environments (e.g. soil, bedding, straw, hay and grass)

  • other contaminated items (e.g. machinery, equipment, vehicles and clothing).

Who is most at risk?

People who work with or transport animals, animal products & waste, machines and equipment. Visitors to animal-related industries are also at risk.

How to prevent getting infected?

Q Fever vaccination is the best way to prevent infection. Before you get vaccinated, you will have a skin test and blood test to check if you have been exposed to the bacteria. If the tests are negative, you will be offered the Vaccination.

How to book?

Call our reception and book for the Q fever vaccination. You will need two appointments 1 week apart.

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